General Advice

Start at Home

Regardless of your skin goals, 80% of your results will come from using quality homecare consistently. If you want to get the best value for your money, invest in quality home care products in conjunction with in-studio treatments. Right up front, I will not perform any advanced treatments (microneedling, chemical peels) on any client whose skin has not been properly prepped for 4-6 weeks prior to a treatment. I promise you will not see the results you are paying good money for if your skin is not conditioned beforehand.

This is where consults come in clutch! I can help you know what products you need in order to prep your skin. The bare basics: cleanse, moisturize, and SPF. From those basic foundational products, we can build onto your routine with targeted serums, toners, and masks as needed. Those seeking anti-aging treatments, for example, I usually recommend a retinoid and tyrosinase inhibitor.

For those struggling with acne...

Acne treatment is multifaceted. It requires dedication, consistency, and patience! In my Face Reality acne consult, we go into GREAT detail about the different things that affect your acne-prone skin. Here, I can tell you some basics:

Common foods that inflame acne: excess biotin and B12, peanuts/ peanut butter, whey protein, soy, chlorella and spirulina (in green drinks), dairy, eggs, & shellfish.

Things to consider: hormone balance, stress level management, pillowcase cleanliness, not to mention that acne prone skin actually has a GENETIC factor. That's right, thanks mom and dad! Acne prone skin sheds 5x more per day than "normal"' skin. So, proper exfoliation is KEY to managing acne. That extra dead skin shedding combined with an overabundance of oil and bacteria creates the perform storm. Luckily, I have the tools to help you weather the storm, and even help the sun come out again!